About Us

EIN Number: 92-0172009

Apologies, The Roscoe Fund is currently CLOSED for reconstruction!

After meeting with our attorney, we are temporarily unable to take any applications or assist anyone until we are restructured.


THE ROSCOE FUND has been created to help assist owners or rescue animals in need of emergency medical treatment and works in cooperation with both emergency animal hospitals in Anchorage. It is our goal to help reduce suffering in animals that might otherwise remain untreated or be euthanized for purely economic reasons.


THE ROSCOE FUND began in 2000, when Paul Hendrickson donated money in honor of his beloved poodle, Roscoe, to be used to help other pets. Since then, many others have opened their hearts to donate to the fund in memory of a pet or other loved one. The fund has helped hundreds of pets since its beginning.



If you can,
please consider donating to the fund.
We greatly appreciate your support.

Credit Card/Paypal:

Please send any cash donations into The Roscoe Fund to:

For: The Roscoe Fund

c/o Laura Kelly

2221 Muldoon Rd Spc 34

Anchorage, AK 99504

Email: theroscoefund@gmail.com



Free ways to donate??  Yes!  And we really appreciate it!

Fred Meyer: Simply link your Rewards Card at www.fredmeyer.com/communityrewards, put in 94489 for us, and done. Don’t worry, you still get all of your regular rewards too!

Whenever you use your phone number when shopping at Freddy’s, you’ll automatically be helping your favorite nonprofit that’s saved to your Rewards Card to earn a donation from Fred Meyer. At the end of each quarter, Fred Meyer will make a donation to participating nonprofits based on the accumulated spending of the Rewards customers linked to each nonprofit. Fred Meyer will donate $625,000 each quarter via Community Rewards!

Not to worry, Fred Meyer rewards customers still get the same rewards points, fuel points and rebates!


Another Option

The PFD: Not free, but tax deductible.
THE ROSCOE FUND is a non profit organization with 501 (c) (3) status.

PFD NewsIf you have a little bit extra to give when you are filing for your Permanent Fund Dividend, please remember you can opt for Pick, Click, Give and choose from one of the deserving non-profits such as The Roscoe Fund. Just visit the PFD website to take action. Did you know? You have until August 31 to change your PFD application to include charitable donations! All donations are tax deductible and donors will receive tax documentation from the State once their donations have been processed.

Thank you to all the kind hearted souls that Picked, Clicked, and Gave over $11,000 to The Roscoe Fund this year. We will certainly be helping many extra pets because of you!